It was a passion for food and Indian food, in particular that got me into this industry over ten years ago and this passion for cooking has only grown stronger. I love trying dishes from different regions of India, listening to the stories behind them and understanding the local geography and history that shapes them. The country has been a endless source of inspiration with its vibrant colours, evocative aromas, flavours and historical influences. Such a vast cuisine deserves a chance, whether you are interested in the traditional or the contemporary interpretation, whether you restaurant food or home cooking.

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When I write recipes, I take into consideration the varied palates of those who might be eating them. I, sometimes, leave a dish as it was intended to be, full of bold flavours but other times I simplify the quantity of spices required and the amount used of each; even in India, chilli is always subjective. I also think hard about how much oil to add in recipes; just enough to cook the spice paste or extra for flavour and richness? Try the recipes as they are written and then tailor make them to suit your palate.