When I wrote my first book, which was full of revamped and lightened recipes from
my childhood, I thought to myself that if I never get a publisher, that would be
fine because at least I would have this “book” to remind myself of the recipes I
grew up on (I have a terrible memory) but also to pass down to the next generation.
I love the idea of passing on recipes, even if they are not your own. There is something
personal about sharing your dishes even if it is in the form of written words rather
than tangible tastes. I do think about the people who are buying my books and try
to write recipes that would please all palates. There is definitely a certain amount
of vulnerability that goes into a book and all authors want their readers to enjoy the experience. I
want my readers to use the book, to have personal notes in the margin on how they
the recipe to their own palate. I hope I
am achieving
these goals and I hope you enjoy my books.

Indian Vegetarian Feast Indian Vegetarian Feast

Anjum’s Quick and Easy Indian
My new book, Anjum’s Quick and Easy Indian is out this March (2014)! It is the ultimate book for busy people who enjoy good food and Indian flavours….Look
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Indian Vegetarian Feast
My new book is out now!
It is full of delicious, exciting vegetarian dishes that are perfect for meat-free
days or a vegetarian lifestyle.Look
inside and read more…
Anjum's New Indian - by Anjum Anand Indian Every Day

Anjum’s New Indian
A collection of regional recipes to go with
Anjum’s second TV series of Indian Food Made Easy.Look
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Indian Every Day
A collection of healthy, mainly Punjabi recipes
to give you a new perspective on the unique taste of Indian Food.Look
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Indian Food Made Easy I Love Curry

Indian Food Made Easy
A collection of healthy, mainly Punjabi recipes
to give you a new perspective on the unique taste of Indian Food .Look
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I Love Curry
The best Indian curries you’ll ever cook. More than
50 main dishes bursting with the
of India.Look
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Eat Right For Your Body Type

Eat Right for Your Body Type
Takes the principles of Ayurveda
and applies them to modern life. A guide to eating healthily and wisely.Look
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