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“Although I grew up in the west, coming home every day was like entering a little Indian colony. I was always welcomed in by the spicy smells emanating from the kitchen. Cooking Indian food keeps me close to my roots; and is the most important way I remain healthy.
People’s experience of eating Indian food in the west is not a true reflection of the real food we eat at home, which is lighter, fresher and far more well balanced than the offerings at Indian restaurants. I try to showcase the true face of Indian food. But, mostly, I cook food which fits into our hectic lives today and helps us work towards our ideals of being healthy.
I believe that cooking can bond us to loved ones, while food can evoke memories. I hope my recipes and books inspire you to cook your own Indian – or Ayurvedic body type-inspired – meals, and to create your own landmark events and fondest memories about food.”

Recipe of the Month

Yoghurt Chicken Curry

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